Reminiscent of a topographical map, the Geo Cabinet represents the rapidly changing globe due to devastating weather elements. The blue finish textured paint offers alternating textures of gloss and matt to create an effect similar to how the light hits the surface of undulating ocean waves. Real stone inlays represent Africa and the islands while the continents continue on the sides and up the top to give a full vision of the world map and a modern twist on the globe. A mirrored backing to the shelves gives the impression of being in the water while lights inside and underneath lift the piece, leaving it to almost float in the room. To follow the philosophy of the world being shaped by the external elements, this piece can be customized to any continent, country, island or landscape to suit any request and create a truly singular piece. 

Geo Cabinet - Sea Blue Finish




DIMENSION: 110l x 50w x 175 Cm H

MATERIAL: Textured blue paint, NATURAL stone and glass

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