The Essence of Mauritian Beauty

The Island of Mauritius is the 26th smallest country in the world. But perhaps like diamonds or rare gems, size isn’t what makes it spectacular. Fringed by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches, lagoons and the world’s third-largest coral reef, it’s a luxuriant, yet fragile, small slice of heaven on earth. Like a beautiful shell, it possesses a rarity and charm that should be cherished and preserved. Cypraea was born from this idea. From a desire to connect to nature, to mirror the splendour of the natural beauty the island possesses. 


Named after the “Coquille Bonheur” or Cowry Shell from the Cypraeidae family, Cypraea shells epitomise the island’s tropical identity, as well as the elegance of the natural world. But as a brand, Cypraea understands that this is about more than just aesthetics, but about respecting the environment from where we draw our inspiration. In the same way, through innovative and original designs, we create pieces that push the boundaries of mere furniture, pieces that stir something more inside. The singular and irreplaceable nature of the island is reflected in our collections, owning anything from the Cypraea collection is to own an exclusive work of art that evoke timeless beauty – like the rarest of treasures found in the ocean.


We combine art, meaning and purpose into our collections and stimulate the senses through evocative materials and exclusive design. From the porosity of lava stone and coral sand to the solidity of wood, the natural materials and textures in our pieces offer more than just furniture: they are an experience. A journey through Mauritius and an escape from the uniformity of daily life.


What began as a small, family-owned business manufacturing furniture and joinery for hotels has evolved into a diversified entity now crossing its own seashores. A lot has changed since first opening the doors in 1974, what hasn’t changed, however, is a commitment and passion for making quality furniture. By using only real, authentic materials, Mavenci aims to connect potential buyers to nature through pieces that bring the outside world in. 


But it was in 2017 that Cedric Lincoln wanted to grow the business and export a new line of luxury furniture, one that reflects the uniqueness of the Mauritian soul. After making his first piece of furniture at only 17 and learning the wood trade in Europe and Canada, Cedric envisioned a line of furniture that blends the timeless beauty of natural materials with tropical design and impeccable detailing - furniture made for future generations to enjoy, heirlooms given from parents to children. 


And so Cypraea was born, luxurious, unique and inspired by the natural world and a desire to connect people to their roots.


As a true Mauritian company, one of Cypraea’s goals today is to help local organisations that are fighting for the preservation of the island’s natural environment: Reef Conservation Mauritius and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. A percentage of Cypraea’s sales will go towards helping preserve the one-of-a-kind heritage of Mauritius.


Previous collections have been inspired by the Mauritian landscape and natural world. But increasingly we understand that no island is an island on its own. We form part of a global ecosystem that as of right now is in a crisis and to ignore that would be irresponsible. Cypraea was created with a mission in mind: to build a better future for the next generations. For the 2021 Collection, the brand is taking on a new challenge.


Cypraea designs will no longer be solely inspired by Mauritius and its luxurious landscape. The natural world needs to be taken as a whole, and our inspiration will travel further abroad to highlight global issues while still remaining firmly rooted in a passion and respect for nature.


Secondly, Cypraea will also be opening the door to make some pieces more accessible with non-limited editions. Of course, there will still be collections that are limited to 9 pieces, but with the aim to touch more people and create a greater link between the outdoor and the indoor, a few selective pieces of Cypraea will be available to be enjoyed by more people and enjoyed in more homes.