" Fortune favours the brave "


Rochester falls are one of the most spectacular sites on the island of Mauritius. The relatively rapid cooling of an ancient thick lava flow caused the formation of these distinctive hexagonal and polygonal column-like basalt rocks, on top of which the river Savanne still flows.


The design of the items in this collection is complex and elegant, it emulates Rochester Falls’ columnar basalts through a wooden-brass topography, as though the whole pieces originated from a single block of timber crystalized into a multitude of hexagonal columns.



The cabinets are composed of more than 3000 pieces of hexagonal columns that are hand-carved in solid Wenge or Walnut wood, all reassembled and fixed together one by one, by hand. The wooden internal structure is lined in premium quality Italian leather, with a gold and bronze leaf finish and gold-finished mirrored sheets. The metal parts are all polished in a solid brass hexagonal columns shape.