Rising Ocean

” Raising awareness of the pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever ”


Rising sea levels is one of the most dire climate change effects. Average sea levels have swelled over 23cm since 1880, with about three of those inches gained in the last 25 years. Atolls and small islands are the first victims of these phenomena.

Higher sea levels are causing the formation of more dangerous hurricanes and typhoons that move more slowly and drop more rain, contributing to more powerful storm surges that can strip away everything in their path.

This collection aims to create awareness about this global issue and to warn that some of the Islands of the Mauritian archipelago like Agalega, Diego Garcia, Rodrigues and Mauritius are already experiencing severe disasters linked to coral barrier reef death, coastal erosion and more violent cyclones in the recent years.

The peaks that are above the tables represent the higher mountains of the country that would be virtually the only “survivors” to rising ocean waters…