Living and working on a remote stone in the middle of the Indian ocean often creates moments of natural beauty that takes your breath away.
It’s why we design pieces solely inspired by nature. It’s part of our DNA and the reason Cypraea was born. We want to capture the wonder of nature and believe that it’s part of our mission to raise awareness on today’s pressing environmental issues in order to protect and nurture the natural world for future generations. We want to connect people to nature through our pieces, and to remind them of the natural beauty that should be valued and protected. It’s why we showcase all of our pieces in the natural surroundings, the final product beautifully photographed and placed where inspiration was first born.

Each piece of furniture is meticulously crafted and manufactured by hand in a way is impossible to industrialize. There’s simply no way to rush true craftsmanship. The natural materials we use are uncommon to the industry and make for something truly special, something that creates emotions when touched. Furniture that isn’t just furniture, but something that moves you and stirs something inside of you. And that’s how we like it. We believe that real luxury takes time and to be truly something special it needs to be unique. It’s why most of our pieces are created with a supply of only 9 pieces worldwide. We spend our focus on crafting furniture that brings the spirit of the natural world into your home, connecting both worlds and creating something truly exceptional. Just like a rare shell found in the ocean.

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